Welcome to Our Famous People Wax Museum!

In this project you will be exploring biographies of men and women who have used their "gifts" to become famous in different fields. You will be expected to:

  • Research a famous person (assigned to you) using the Big 6 method of research.
  • Collect images or draw pictures of the person you research.
  • Create a vodcast using PhotoStory with narration and images that will inform our visitors to our Wax Museum about the person you researched.
  • Dress in character and create 2 props for our Wax Museum.

Answer the essential question: What are the traits of a person who has achieved greatness?

Research Resources:

  • Use your assigned biography
  • Look up the title of your book in DestinyQuest and see if there are suggested websites
  • Use this biography site from our subject pathfinder page
  • Use an online database, such as Worldbook online
  • Consult with us about using Google or another search engine